In my book, Small Changes, Big Results, I focus on ways to improve by taking small steps towards the change you want to make instead of giant leaps. Whether you’re a church, business, conference, college or non-profit, I’d love to share this message with your audience. My goal is to connect to each audience I speak to, leave them with practical takeaways, and inspire them to action!


I speak on a number of topics including:

  • God’s Bigger Plan: Practical Steps to Improving your Faith
  • Financially Fit: How to Build a Foundation for Financial Success
  • Your Health Matters: 3 Simple Changes for a Healthier You
  • My People: Improving the Relationships that Matter Most


Click below to listen to a clip from God’s Bigger Plan: Practical Steps to Improving your Faith.

If you’re interested in having me come and speak at your event, please contact me.


“Loved the personal insight – I could relate in so many ways! Scotty does a great job letting you know his own struggles and provides simple solutions that worked for him. He shows you how to implement 1 or 2 small changes a week that can add up big changes over time. Practical advice, easy to read, and makes you want to start changing today!” – Celey


“These are great ideas for changes you can make in your life to see immediate benefits. Making these changes can greatly benefit your physical, mental, and monetary health.” – Koreen H.


“I discovered how I can easily make big changes in my life by giving some attention to a few simple things. I really appreciate books like this that save me time and help me be more effective and efficient. Thanks for all the help!” – Bob K.